We offer the complete range of packaging services under the umbrellas of Sustain, Innovate and Optimise. There is a natural cross over into each category depending on the stage that the package is at in its product life cycle.



Our philosophy is packaging sustainability. This is the responsibility of all the packaging industry to minimise the waste we contribute in the world. In our work we always consider the environmental impact of materials in line with the life cycle and to always try to ensure we deliver a closed loop solution.


  • Packaging Covenant calculations and reduction

  • Environmental sustainability assessments

  • Packaging technical design

  • Packaging component selection

  • Product configurations

  • Packaging supplier selection and evaluation



Innovation is the key to product success. Whether you are a start-up company or a well- established producer, innovative packaging design is essential for your product to stand out to consumers. Research and development functions including project management ensure that well designed functional packaging solutions are delivered to the market on time, on budget and in full.

  • Packaging feasibility studies

  • New Packaging Brief development

  • Packaging Specification development

  • Packaging testing

  • Prototype validation

  • Dieline approvals

  • Pilot tool validation

  • Production trialling at factory

  • Artwork print management

  • Proof approvals and signoffs

  • Press passes

  • Project timeline and resource allocation development

  • Project management internally

  • Project management of new packaging developments with suppliers

  • Technical risk assessments



The product lifecycle doesn’t stop after launch. Continuous Improvement is about constantly reviewing and assessing products making sure they are performing optimally both on the shelf and in the supply chain.

  • Packaging defect root cause analysis

  • Distribution analysis and costings

  • Configuration optimisation – Primary unit, Outer case, pallet, container

  • Transit trialling

  • Packaging material analysis and cost engineering solutions

  • Supplier evaluations

  • Supplier sourcing selections

  • Change of supplier project management

  • Packaging Technical Specification development